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Hi i am transferring to Seton Hall in the Fall, are there any more blogs written by transfer students? thnks!

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Hey @fashionablykara,

This is the only admissions blog for Seton Hall and unfortunately there is not a specific transfer student blog. Are you looking for any specific information? If so, we can put you in contact with a transfer student who may be able to give you the inside scoop on what it is like to be a transfer student at SHU!

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So I am a senior now and I am graduating in the fall… Sounds so sad! Especially because I will miss SHU. I applied to Seton Hall as a transfer student from Lima, Peru and I will be graduating this fall. If you think transferring is hard, imagine being an international student AND a transfer at the same time, PLUS coming in the spring semester when everyone is supposed to have their own groups of friends already set up.

I was terrified from the minute I decided to apply. Luckily, from all the schools I applied to, Seton Hall was the one that really guided me through my application process that included the translation of the documents, the evaluation of my transcripts and the TOELF iBT exam of English proficiency.

One thing every transfer needs to know is that you will not enter the school with a transfer sticker on your forehead. Everyone will think you started as a freshman just like them until you tell them. The secret to fit in? Join as many clubs and organizations of your interests as you can. That is the way to get involved and meet friends, especially if you plan on commuting.

I remember my very first day of classes: A different language, a different university, and different people. My friends were not here and I felt alone. However, in my very first day I met a student whose parents were Peruvian. Later, in Corrigan Hall, I heard two girls speaking in Portuguese while a guy was on the phone speaking Russian and I was on the phone speaking Spanish with my Mom who is in Lima. Yes, I felt great! Seton Hall receives students from all over the world and I learn so much from my American, Colombian, Polish and Romanian friends. I met people from so many parts of the world and the fact that they embrace my culture makes me feel amazing.

I am graduating early with a major in Diplomacy and International Relations. I could not be happier. I have met wonderful people here including faculty members. Since my family is so far, this has become my second home.

-Violeta ‘12

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The Top 3 Coolest Places Not Shown on a Tour

1. Balcony in Jubilee Hall


This is the view from my favorite place on campus, the fourth floor balcony in Jubilee Hall. It’s the best place to get a view of the entire green and for me, a great place to get away from the everyday stresses of college life. It’s a quiet place, and no matter what time of year it is, whether it’s blanketed in snow in the winter or in the spring, when white buds start to sprout on the trees, this balcony always offers a gorgeous view of the place I now consider my home away from home. 

2. Inside the Immaculate Conception Chapel

The Immaculate Conception Chapel is one of the most magnificent places here at Seton Hall and probably in South Orange. Filled with stain glass windows and beautiful artwork, walking in is a breathtaking experience unique to this campus.  The Chapel offers many things to many people, but for me its a stunning chapel that emphasizes our Catholic history and affiliation.  

3. Inside President’s Hall

"This is President’s Hall. I heard you only go in here if you’re really good or really bad, so I haven’t seen the inside. “ 

A line I’ve used almost every tour, stolen from another tour guide, but I have a confession. As of March of this year, I’ve been inside this 144 year old building! Besides the office of the President of the University, President’s Hall houses the office for summer study abroad programs, an office I’ve had to visit in the past couple of months. Stepping into this building is like stepping into another time, but I won’t go into details, you’ll have to see for yourself…


Jaad ‘13

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I’m a person of senses. It’s very rare for me not to recollect a memory and not remember what I was either eating that day, smelling, or hearing. So, I will especially never forget how different the sand feels on the beaches of the Mediterranean in comparison to those on the Atlantic coast of New Jersey, nor to the rocky and silt predominate sands of Alaska. Nor will I forget how good montanitos and fresh caught pulpo y almejas taste when you’re sweltering under the sun and smelling fresh fruit from la boqueria. Add some quickly exchanged Catalan, bits of Spanish, and music from street musicians, and you have a pretty good snapshot of a typical day in Barcelona, Spain.

Barcelona is the proclaimed capital of Catalonia, an entire region of Spain with its own culture, customs, food, and language. After three years of studying Diplomacy & International Relations, my main purpose for spending a semester abroad was to be overwhelmed with art and music, the two subjects that have been the most prominent in my life since a very young age. It was a smart decision to choose Barcelona. Beginning with Antoni Gaudi, whose life was marked by the four passions of his life of architecture, nature, religion, and his adoration of Catalonia, walking the streets of Barcelona offers some of the most elaborate and extravagant architectural accomplishments of combined science and art. Parc Güell with it’s incredible view of the Med, La Casa Pedrera and La Casa Battló in the Eixample district with their nature inspired facades, and finally La Sagrada Familia (yet to still be completed in 2026 although construction commenced in 1882), Gaudi’s extravagant masterpiece, can be seen throughout Barcelona as a grand testimony to the cities dedication to the arts.

I could not spend a single day in Barcelona without music, not even if I tried. Walking through the city, with street musicians covering the streets and the beaches, music coming from store fronts, advertisements for concerts, the people’s adoration of music was more than apparent. Even in my own apartment, a beautiful and antique flat overlooking the Gothic Quarter of the city, my host madre, an elderly widow, offered my roommate and I opportunities to see performances of concerts written by her father, and flamenco shows performed by her son’s girlfriend. Although we did not see flamenco on stage, we did spend a 3 hour evening watching an underground show in the space of a local hookah bar.

Although a semester sounds seems like an eternity, my time in Spain felt condensed into a week. Between the time spent in Barcelona, traveling through the Costa Brava, and then travelling beyond to Morocco, Ireland, England, and France, in no time at all it was December and my bags were packed. Although I strive to be present and celebrate where ever it is that I am in my life, there was something about the smell of the ocean on the last day before my departure that left my senses numb from the multitude of experiences that overwhelmed me during my four months I spent speaking a language that is not natively my own, eating food that could never be grown in the rough tundra of Alaska, and seeing the colors of the buildings that could never be built in New York City.

-Daria ‘12


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Becoming a Pirate and attending Seton Hall University became a much bigger part of my life then I thought. Coming to SHU I knew that I was going to be Majoring in Sport Management, but it was working at WSOU, Seton Hall’s Radio Station that stood out to me most. Being one of the top college radio stations in the country was such an appeal to me I knew I could not pass it up. The Station Broadcasts live 24/7 365 Days, so yes on Christmas Day at 6 am you will find a DJ working at SOU. For me the Sports Coverage has been the best part of my Seton Hall experience.

While most students enjoy cheering on the Pirates I get my thrill from broadcasting their games. Being on sports staff we get to travel for all the Men’s and Women’s Basketball games (which the station pays for) and get to experience a whole new way for a sports fan and a college experience. I will be a Junior this coming Fall Semester and will be the new Assistant Sports Director for the Station. During my sophomore year I have already traveled to awesome places. I have gone to St. Johns, Delaware State, UMass, Cincinnati, and the University of Notre Dame. But nothing can compare to having the opportunity to travel with another staff member to Clearwater, FL for 5 days to broadcast Seton Hall Baseball in the 2011 Big East Championship which took place a few week ago. Even though we already finished the school year, WSOU is something, if you want it to be, can be all year long for you. Making the tournament was great in itself for the University. We entered as the #5 seed and beat #4 West Virginia in the opening game. On Thursday we played and defeated in 12 innings #1 University of Connecticut. We shocked everyone in the Big East Conference by doing that. That win gave the Pirates the day off on Friday so the guy I traveled with and myself decided to drive down to Saint Peters and watch a Tampa Bay Rays game while we were there. On Saturday we were back to work. Since the tournament was double elimination we would have to lose two games to not make the Finals on Sunday, but they would have to go against UConn yet again. However, the Pirates only needed one game on Saturday as they 10 run mercy ruled the Huskies 12-2 in 8 innings and Seton Hall made it to the Championship Game. The Championship Game was against St. Johns, the defending champions, but they were no match for the Pirates as they won the 2011 Big East Championship 4-2.

What seemed impossible at the start of the season saw the Pirates with 13 out of their final 15 games and take home the championship. And because of WSOU I got to make the championship call. If you are looking to have a great time in college experiencing new things give WSOU a try. I also DJ Monday Nights from 8-10PM as the Host of That Other 70s Show where I play all the best of 70s rock and roll.  Our station is 89.5 FM and you can always listen online at http://wsou.net/

Good Luck with Everything and Go Pirates.

-Chris Paizis ‘13


How is life different for a commuter student vs a student living on campus? Do commuter students miss out on a lot?

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Hi Anonymous,

All of the on campus opportunities are available to commuters. If you want to get involved you can. The programs that residence halls put on all the time are open to everyone, so you can even get involved in that. There are some obvious differences like you won’t be doing dinner every night in the caf probably, but depending on how far away you are from campus you can get involved just as much.

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Hello! I skimmed through the housing procedures on the school website and came across something about applying for housing during long breaks. To my understanding, students are required to apply for a room, other than the one they are currently living in, to stay on campus over the long holidays. Could you clarify this? Thanks!

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Over spring break and winter break, Housing and Residence Life closes all residence halls except one where all students who have requested to stay will be housed during the duration of each break. There is typically an online form that you will need to fill out but most times, when the breaks approach, you will work with your RA to complete the process.

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Hello, I have applied to SHU and I still didn't get a reply. About 2 weeks ago I called the admissions office and asked for my application status I didn't get an answer because they said It can not be done by the phone. However, they told me they did make a decision and that I should be getting something by mail within the next 2 weeks. I have not received anything at all. I am wondering why?

Asked by Anonymous


Hello Anonymous,

Without knowing your name, it is hard to determine why there has been a delay in your decision letter being mailed to you. If you’d like to leave your information on this blog, you may do so and we can check our computer system to see when the decision letter was mailed out and confirm your mailing address. However, we would strongly recommend calling the Office of Admissions at 1-800-THE-HALL where you will be connected with an admissions counselor who can speak to you directly about your application.

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Can I get a detailed account of Pirate Adventure?

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Hi Anonymous-

The majority of the information about the Pirate Adventure weekends are located on the following website: http://www.shu.edu/events/pirate-adventure.cfm

Although there is not schedule posted on that site at this point, if you contact our Office of Freshman Studies at (973) 761-9740, they can give you more in-depth details about the event.

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is there an EMT certification course for credit?

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We do not offer an EMT certification course for credit, however there is an EMT scholarship available through the West Orange First Aid Squad.  The information on that is located here: http://www.shu.edu/academics/artsci/arc/scholarship-opportunities-all-disciplines.cfm

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I am interested in attending Seton Hall but i will be a commuter student and i am unsure about how safe i will be.
I have read new stories about crimes and especially robberies that have happened next to Seton Hall, at the gates, and when students go to their car. What is Seton Hall doing to prevent these incidents? If i do attend Seton Hall will I have to worry about my safety when i walk to class or when i walk to my car to go home?

Asked by Anonymous


Hi Anonymous-

Campus safety is extremely important to Seton Hall.  The University has increased on-campus security and the South Orange Police Department has increased their efforts to ensure the safety of students outside the campus.

Seton Hall offers multiple transportation options to off-campus locations and our security guards are always willing to escort students to a location on campus at any time.

If you have any further concerns, please don’t hesitate to call us at 1-800-THE-HALL

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i'm a potential transfer student and i was just wondering when i would be hearing about whether or not i was accepted? thank you!

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Hey Anonymous-

If you call our Office of Undergraduate Admissions at 1-800-THE-HALL we can look up your application and let you know what the probably timeline for your decision is.

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i have been accepted to SHU and i was wondering if we have to attend pirate day for freshmens in june? I have finals that week and i was wondering if i had to miss finals and graduation practice.

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Hey Anonymous - It is not required that you attend the Pirate Adventure you were assigned if you have a conflict such as finals or graduation.  However, you need to call the Office of Freshman Studies: (973) 761-9740 and let them know you cannot attend and they will give you more information.

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As a prospective student at SHU asked, anything over $20k is a pretty hefty price...However, the cost of a higher education is the unfortunate reality for many. Any suggestions as to where to find/apply for external scholarships? Does SHU give grants aside from scholarships?

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There are tons of external scholarships to apply for.  Your high school guidance counselor will certainly have information on many. Another popular place to search external scholarships is fastweb.com.  

Also, yes, Seton Hall does give out need-based grants in addition to any scholarships you receive or apply for.  Once you file the FAFSA form and send it to Seton Hall, we will review it and include any need-based grant you are eligible for in your financial aid package.

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